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Claim the Throne 'Triumph and Beyond' Raid 2011

Lock your cellars and hide your wenches! Ale-guzzling Australian warriors Claim the Throne are set to ransack taverns far and wide with the announcement of this August and Septembers Triumph and Beyond Australian and New Zealand Raid!

Riding on the success of the latest album and huge national tours with Alestorm and Fintroll, Claim the Throne are ready to bring their pummelling

Warning: Explicit Cunt-tent!: An interesting chat with Cuntscrape's Lord Labia

When the good Lord says he just had your mum for breakfast, consider thyself blessed by the Holy Spirit. Because somewhere in the greasy underbelly of Australia (Perth actually) there resides a most noble and illustrious Lord, last name Labia, unrelated to either God Our Father or Ahriman from Dark Funeral, who fronteth a Grindsome musical unit called Cuntscrape...

Nexus - The Paradise Complex (Prime Cuts)

The Paradise Complex bills itself as a concept album, and Nexus have put together a cohesive storyline that plays through the record from start to finish. Unfortunately, their actual sound is less cohesive.

The promo leaflet that accompanies this album says things like "extreme metal brutalities" and "progressive shimmerings".

CLOSED: Win a pack of Aussie metal

If you like your Aussie metal, then we have a very special comp for you! To be in the running for the prize pack donated primarily by Prime Cuts Music, with a few others from Riot! Entertainment, all you have to do is answer one question correctly.
Closing Date: 
1 Aug 2009 (All day)

THE QUESTION IS: Which Australian grinders may have influenced the title of this site?


Cuntscrape/Death Fucking Cunt split CD - Splitroast (Prime Cuts)