Candlelight/Modern Invasion

Nachtmystium – Worldfall (Candlelight/MIM)

Imagine if Satan and Syd Barrett shared a tab of LSD, broke out the black light posters, strapped on the axe, warmed up the moog and jammed. Can't imagine that? Well Nachtmystium can.

This is a five-track EP from these mainstays of the American black metal scene, two tracks being covers – Death In June’s Roseclouds Of Holocaust and G

Obituary - Darkest Day (Candlelight/Modern Invasion)

This one takes you back through time, and then vomits you out the other side in a steaming pile.
Release Date: 
30 Jun 2009 (All day)

Obituariy's recording history has been a hit and miss affair.

Nebelhexe – Dead Waters (Candlelight/Modern Invasion)

A strangely catchy blend of new age, synth driven pop music, tribal beats and vaguely spiritual leanings all wrapped in a leather and tattooed pagan princess scenario that had me thinking we might have stumbled onto Annie Lennox and Anton LaVey’s love child.

Andrea Haugen aka Nebelhexe has had, it seems, a long and varied career and life - as she has explored many paths in both her music and he