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Empires Of Eden - Reborn In Fire (7Hard Records)

When Australian guitar virtuoso Stu Marshall (Paindivision, ex-Dungeon) unleashed the first Empires Of Eden album Songs Of War And Vengeance in 2009, it was an epic power metal / prog collaboration featuring some of the best metal talents that Australia has to offer. It seemed like it would be hard to top. Well, flash forward a year later, the newest chapter in the Empires Of Eden musical book has written in Reborn In Fire.

In comparison to the debut, Reborn In Fire is a completely different ball game. Everything has been knocked up a notch and it seems that there has been an international approach taken.

Empires of Eden studio footage

Empires of Eden have released studio footage featuring keyboardist Bobby Williamson (Eumeria) from the recording sessions for Reborn in Fire due for release on July 16 via 7Hard Records.

Created by virtuoso guitarist Stu Marshall (Paindivision - Dungeon), Empires of Eden is a uni