war metal

Abominator- Evil Proclaimed (Hells Headbangers)

War metal. War metal never changes...

Simply by virtue of the limited audience and reach available to them, most Australian metal bands can be considered to be underground bands.

Kommandant - Kontakt (Planet Metal)

Everybody thought gas mask cult was dead and gone. After hearing Kontakt you’ll think twice before messing with these guys.

It was the beginning of 1990s and death metal bands like Blasphemy dominated the scenario with devastating albums like Gods of War, particularly influential to the style t

They are Sadistik Exekution... Fukk You!!

Sadistik Exekution's enigmatic vokillist Rok sets the record straight on SadEx history and fills us in on their upcoming rare live appearance at the Australian Metal Awards in November. WARNING: This interview is not for those easily offended by the word 'FUKK'!

Hail of Bullets - Warsaw Rising (Metal Blade/Riot)

This war metal supergroup attacks with a blitzkrieg on their new EP: short and violent! But reviewer Joker Lokison wonders if music industry war crimes are being committed against the metal buying public.