symphonic power metal

Arven - Black Is The Colour (Massacre Records)

Rambling folky symphonics...
Release Date: 
22 Aug 2013 - 11:30pm

If you like the folk tinged symphonics of Epica, Nighwish and the like, then I suspect you'll be enamoured with Arven's Black Is The Colour

Written with Black and White - Oliver Palotai of Kamelot

A German in an American band fronted by a Norwegian, Oliver is used to keeping an arm's length from the usual. He spoke Metal as Fuck about his passion for the keys, Kamelot's new album and how he'd "bankrupt the band in half a year" if he was trusted with show bookings.

In heavy metal history we hear endlessly of guitarists, bassists, drummers and vocalists – who was the greatest? Who are our favorites? Which one do we try to emulate in our own playing?

Epica - Design Your Universe (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Imagine if there was a power metal version of Dave Mustaine, except he was a she and that she wasn't ugly. Well, it's worth thinking about as the beautiful, flame-haired Simone Simons voice takes flight on what will be considered Epica's breakthrough album.

I’m always torn about Epica; in their early days I considered them to be an ego-driven After Forever rip-off, treading the line between gothic and power meta