space rock

Acid King – Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Svart Records)

Take a trip with Acid King to the Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
Release Date: 
17 Apr 2015 - 12:00pm

Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere is Acid King’s fourth album and the first in ten years for these masters of space acid prog metal.

Seedy Jeezus - Seedy Jeezus (Blown Music)

Seedy Jeezus aren't jumping on a trend, you can tell these blokes live this life, it's seedy and off the wall and drug fueled and reckless. It's a mind blowing acid trip. I genuinely believe these blokes do believe they're living in the seventies.
Release Date: 
20 Mar 2015 (All day)

I've been in the mood for local fare recently, not only local Canberra like Tonk or Johhny Roadkill, but stuff from further afield, for example Thrashed

Mothership - Mothership II (Ripple Music)

Mothership are here to guide you on one heavy arsed celestial journey...
Release Date: 
11 Nov 2014 - 12:00pm

Mothership is a power trio hailing from Texas delivering their version of heavy celestial intergalactic stoner blues.

Monster Magnet - Milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol (Napalm Records)

Monster Magnet successfully revisit the past with their new release, a re-imagining of 2013s Last Patrol
Release Date: 
14 Nov 2014 - 12:00pm

As far as I’m concerned one of the best releases of last year was Monster Magnet’s Last Patrol so I stepped into Milking the Stars: A Re-Imagining of Last Patrol

Jupiter Zeus - On Earth (Magnetic Eye Records)

Big. Bigger. Biggest...
Release Date: 
11 Mar 2014 - 12:30am

I almost dropped my sausage sandwich when I heard On Earth by Jupiter Zeus - and then when I found out these fellows are from Western Australia, I almost dropped it again.

The Atlas Moth - A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky (Candlelight/Earsplit)

The Atlas Moth are like a marriage of three fine American traditions. Blues, psychedelic excess and burgers. Burgers? You heard right - these dudes know how to trip you out and keep both your ears and your belly well fed...

In Chicago, IL, you either play the blues or a variant thereof. The Atlas Moth certainly do - in the most distorted, tripped out and eclectic manner imaginable.