Published September 2009

Kreator @ Metropolis Fremantle (Perth), 29/09/2009

It’s Kreator. Does any more need to be said?

The venue: Metropolis Fremantle. A band appears on stage.

Gallery: Kreator @ HQ (Adelaide), 27 Sept 09

Kreator thrashed the fuck out of a smallish Adelaide audience on Sunday night, showing us exactly how thrash should be played: fast, intense, and without compromise. They were ably supported by Aussie thrash icons Mortal Sin.

Silent Memorial – Cosmic Handball (Limb/Riot)

Silent Memorial’s second album Retrospective, released earlier this year, was a solid slab of 80s hair metal/AOR disguised as prog rock, and it certainly seems to have garnered plenty of good reviews (mine included). With the success of Retrospective the band has let their first album Cosmic Handball, originally released in 1998, have its turn in the spotlight; but the lights might just be a little too bright for this slice of Euro-prog metal.

From the very start of Cosmic Handball you get the feeling that the boys from Silent Memorial feared they might not ever get into a recording studio again.

Various Artists - Tidbits of Lunacy (Anstalt Records/Riot)

In case you hadn't heard, Nuclear Blast recently started a new label for your more crusty, underground, extreme, (mostly) grind acts. This label, Anstalt Records, is just the sort of thing that I personally think has been long overdue. I love this sampler. It's no-holds-barred, shitty, hilarious grind.

As a taster, Anstalt have released Tidbits of Lunacy: a very short sampler in fact, featuring two tracks each from three acts: Milking the Goatmachine,

They are Sadistik Exekution... Fukk You!!

Sadistik Exekution's enigmatic vokillist Rok sets the record straight on SadEx history and fills us in on their upcoming rare live appearance at the Australian Metal Awards in November. WARNING: This interview is not for those easily offended by the word 'FUKK'!

Gallery: Kreator @ the HiFi (Brisbane), 25 September 2009

German Thrashmeisters Kreator tear it up at the HiFi Brisbane. These guys were supported by Mortal Sin, but thanks to one light-fingered punter, our photographer had his Mortal Sin photos stolen! How very unmetal... at least the main act's pix are safe. Enjoy!

Deathstars, Swan Basement (Perth), 27/09/2009

A night of death, glam and rock n’ roll.

The change of venue, from the centrally-located Club Capitol to Fremantle’s Swan Basement, was probably indicative of low ticket sales, but did not do a lot

Kreator @ HQ (Adelaide), 27 Sept 2009

From start to finish, this show was absolute gold. Aussie thrashers Mortal Sin put on a killer set and did their best to warm up the crowd for Kreator; but when Kreator hit the stage they weren't so much upstaged as seen to be in a completely different class. The German thrash gods played thrash the way it's meant to be: fast, intense, and without compromise.

Sunday night shows are always a bit hit-and-miss in Adelaide, regardless of whether they're all ages or 18+ shows.