published October 2009

Brutal Legend

Yes I realise there's meant to be an umlaut in the title. Do I give a shit? I do not. Read on for an overgrown child's opinion about a baby game...



The Lightning that Sparks a Blaze - Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth are pure-bred Norse metal warriors that have conquered the world with their hard-driving, destructive and infectious Viking death metal. With their metal quest eying not only their homeland but the Great Southern Land, vocalist Johan Hegg talks to Metal as Fuck.

Mammoth longboats set sail for the lands afar; destruction rains down from the gangplank as Norse warriors swarm across the northernmost plains, hacking at their enemies and razing the towns in an

Blood Oath: live by it, die by it. Suffocation talks to Metal as Fuck.

Suffocation's drummer Mike Smith talks to Metal as Fuck about Blood Oath, being twenty years into their career, how the industry needs to change, and, of course, their current Aussie tour with Arch Enemy


Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression (Metal Blade/Riot)

After a sub-standard debut, British death merchants Trigger The Bloodshed have returned, with some new recruits, to stamp on the faces of all their critics.

As a genre, death metal has to be one of the most difficult to break into, with fans proving insanely hard to please.

Pitbull Terrorist - C.I.A. (Anstalt/Riot)

This group puts the "trash" back into Thrash Metal.
Release Date: 
6 Nov 2009 - 4:30pm

Who here still remembers what good old thrash metal is? Ok let me see some hands... Don't be afraid: you know you loved it in the good old days.

Parental Advisory: Hilarious Metal Content – Edguy, Fucking with Fuck and F***

Bassist Tobias Exxel loves to have a laugh – and so do Edguy. Fresh from a US tour, Tobi sits down and chats with Metal As Fuck about our (and seemingly their) favorite profane expression, expressing our enthusiasm for a certain music genre.

Tobias Exxel misses the United States. “I’m sitting at my home in Germany,” he tells me. “It’s cold, the weather isn’t very good.

Dying Fetus - Descend into Depravity (Relapse/Riot)

Dying Fetus returns with Descend Into Depravity, but it's not a descent at all. In fact, it's an ascension back to the deathgrind throne!


Despite - In Your Despite (Sound Pollution/Riot)

Holy brain suckers Batman I feel like I’ve lost half an hour of my life! What happened to me caped crusader, some fiendish plot by the Joker perhaps?.... Batman and Robin discuss the latest album from Despite.

That was no fiendish plot, Boy Wonder, that was Swedish metal band Despite.  You’ve been listening to their debut album In Your Despite.

Malefice - Dawn Of Reprisal (Metal Blade/Riot)

With a critically acclaimed debut album and a number of successful tours behind them, can UK metallers Malefice keep up the momentum?

Time waits for no woman: Metal as Fuck talks to Angela Gossow

Angela Gossow talks about The Root of All Evil and Arch Enemy's forthcoming Australian tour. But she also talks about the big questions of equality and gender, why people who fantasise about Medieval times amuse her, and why she likes living in the times she does.

Arch Enemy's latest album, The Root of All Evil, is not a new album per se: it was put together out of the band's favourite tracks, but reinvigorated with the band's curre