published January 2010

Dream Evil - In The Night (Century Media/EMI)

More than just castles n’ magic power metal, In the Night is heaps of fun. It's like being a 14-year-old all over again.
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2010 (All day)

Ever since axeman extraordinaire Gus G left the band to focus on the far more serious Firewind, what remained of Dream Evil has been sliding lower

Tenet - Sovereign (Century Media/EMI)

This album is the equivalent of a nail-studded baseball bat shoved up your ass and twisted around to grind yer anus into hamburger meat. You’re gonna love it.
Release Date: 
25 Jan 2010 (All day)

Tenet’s lovely little secret is they’re three parts Strapping Young Lad, a smidgen of Forbidden, and one part Steve “Zet

Annihilator - Live at Masters of Rock CD (SPV/Riot)

Ageing Canuck thrashers welcome you to your death... again.

Canadian thrash metal exponents Annihilator