published January 2010

Fear Factory - Mechanize (Candlelight/Stomp)

The world has been waiting for a new Fear Factory album for a long time. But is this the one?
Release Date: 
9 Feb 2010 (All day)

Let’s summarise the soap opera that has been the recent history of Fear Factory: in 2002, after 13 years and four studio albums, some kind of massive breakdown occurred and t

Meshuggah - Alive (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

It's a DVD, but forces conspired to send me the audio part of the package only. Oh well. I could listen to this and watch one of the films I got for christmas instead. Death Race or Home Alone 2?
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2010 (All day)

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Chimaira @ The Amplifier Bar (Perth), 14 Jan 2010

A small group of Perth punters woke up on Thursday morning suffering from severe bangovers, and this is why…

Starting a review of a Perth gig by complaining about the size of the crowd is becoming a cliché – but yet again, a show was moved from Club Capitol to the smaller (bu

Gallery: Chimaira @ Billboard (Melbourne), 16 Jan 2010

With Chimaira in absolutely scintillating form, they were greeted by a maniacal, rabid, Melbourne Metal crowd (who were more like a pack of starving sharks circling a kill) ready to tear Billboard down! A classic gig!

The Red Chord - Fed Through The Teeth Machine (Metal Blade/Riot)

Being one of the earlier innovators of the deathcore genre, The Red Chord's latest effort Fed Through The Teeth Machine is a heavy assault on the ears: one that does not let go from beginning to end.

Deathcore. That word can either make or break a band for some metalheads, depending on which side of the fence they would sit: they either love it or despise it.

Destroyer 666 at The Civic Hotel Backroom (Perth), 8 Jan 2010

Australia’s most evil export destroys all in their path, including around 100 lucky punters

'It’s an honour and a pleasure to be back in Perth', says frontman K.K.

Edguy, Cynic, Ensiferum @ Club Capitol (Perth), 7 Jan 2010

A mishmash of genres makes for an interesting and, to some, rather confusing, night out.

Sydney’s Screamfest on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day brought nine international and ten local bands together in a two-day festival, the likes of which had not

Sonata Arctica and Ensiferum with Vanishing Point @ Billboard (Melbourne), 5 Jan 2010

Ripping down the trendy techno club from the walls, the all Finnish (well, almost) power metal extravaganza kicked its way around Melbourne, leaving Aussie metal punters craving more.

On the weekends, Billboard the Venue turns into Billboard the horrible dance party.

Edguy, Cynic, Black Majesty @ Fowler's Live (Adelaide), 5 Jan 2010

Cynic were peaceful; Edguy was enormous amounts of fun. It was a weird-as-hell lineup, but a great show nonetheless, and a fucking brilliant start to the metal year.