published January 2010

Exodus - Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live At Wacken And Other Atrocities (CD) (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Bay area thrashers Exodus hit the 2008 Wacken Open Air festival - delivering a blistering set and tear the massive festival crowds and fellow bands a new one in the process.

In the last 5+ years, there has been a resurgence in many aspects of metal.

Chimaira @ Billboard the Venue (Melbourne) 16 Jan 2010

Fans revelled in Chimaira's blend of hardcore and thrashy American metal, but left much to be desired.

Due to some scheduling conflicts (I was interviewing Baroness - stay tuned for a forthcoming article on the same metal site, same metal channel) I missed the first opener but

A man of diverse musicality: Wednesday 13

Song-writer, producer, artist: Wednesday 13 has had a diverse musical career spanning many bands; and he lands on Australian shores next month (February ‘10). He caught up with us for a chat while still in America, touring with Gunfire 76.

We caught up with the musician of many tastes after he’d completed the sound check for his Gunfire 76 show in West Virginia.  With three and a half hours before that nig

Divine Eve - Vengeful and Obstinate (Ibex Moon)

Since I like to think I have some sort of integrity as a critic, I force myself to listen to any album, no matter how shit, at least three times, before writing an opinion about it. So every now and then, it's nice to get given an EP that goes for less than 20 minutes. This is not painful to listen to, mind you: just incredibly plain.

Divine Eve is one of those bands - like your local pub band of 20-somethings who've been together since high school - that gives the impression that it has completely mastered

Acheron - The Final Conflict: The Last Days of God (Ibex Moon)

Oh god. Oh god look at that cover art guys. Seriously, look at the fucking thing. There's a lot to be said about cover art sometimes, but in this case all you can really say is “oh god that is the dumbest shit ever. This music is going to be the biggest clichéd mess of satanic death metal since Deicide's shit period between Once Upon The Cross and finally leaving RoadRunner”.

And that's even before you find out that the band are not only Actual Practicing Satanists, but LaVeyan Satanists at that, and the vocalist – who goes by the name of Vincent

Hypno5e - Des Deux L'une Est L'autre (Overcome)

Aw man, a french album title? From a band with song titles and half the lyrics in English – including titles like “Naked Lunch I” and “Maintained Relevance of Destruction Part II”? And a band name with a damned number in place of a letter (do they expect us to ignore it and pronounce the name 'hypnose' or spell it out as 'hyp-no-five-ee')?

Well, this was either going to be one of two things: a terrible half-arsed parody OH SO WACKY AND RANDOM album, or it was going to be the sadly real deal: music the band inevitably refers to as "ex

Destroyer 666 @ The Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom (Melbourne), 16 Jan10

Australia's favourite metal sons Destroyer 666 rip their hometown a new one with a thrilling night of evil and mayhem.

Having been a relative Destroyer 666 virgin, I am one of the many Australians that have banks filled with metal records that proudly display a country of origin different to my own

Nazxul - Iconoclast (Eisenwald)

After a long sabbatical, Australian black metal legends Nazxul return with Iconoclast - a dark and evil musical journey that will leave their peers stunned and laid to waste.

When the term black metal is mentioned to most, a few things may come to mind: corpse paint, church burnings, dark and evil characters posing in forests, and terms such as grim, frostb

Chimaira @ The Metro Theatre (Sydney), 18 Jan 2010

Chimaira infect a rabid Sydney crowd with an unrelentless onslaught of pure hatred, while leaving nothing behind.

The first few months of the year are quite busy for the Sydney music-goer, whose options and choices range from the many festivals and their sideshows to the individual artists who are hitting our

Chimaira's Rob Arnold talks touring, record labels and his top albums of the decade

For the lead guitarist in such an intense band, Rob Arnold is sure one calm, together dude...

It’s only 6 am in Perth, but quite a bit later in St Petersburg, Florida, where Rob Arnold is sitting on the tour bus that has been his home during Chimaira&