post-black metal

Crowhurst - Crowhurst (Ivory Antler Publishing and Recording)

Experimental black metal with pronounced currents of noise..
Release Date: 
9 Apr 2015 - 11:30pm

Crowhurst are hard to put in a box. Noise, black metal (both post, pre, experimental and/or other), sludge and a host of other nebulous genres come to mind.

Winterfylleth- The Divination of Antiquity (Candlelight)

Winterfylleth conjure up ancient Albion with stunning results.
Release Date: 
6 Oct 2014 (All day)

Some albums can be real tough nuts to crack. The quality material is there, you know it is, but much like an ultraviolet spectrum, you just can’t see it.

Autumn's Dawn - Gone (Eisenwald)

Gorgeous post-black metal from Down Under.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2014 (All day)

The first impression that comes to mind when hearing Autumn’s Dawn debut album, Gone, for the first time, is how beautiful it is.