Periphery, Crossfaith, Gershwin Room, Melbourne 25/02/13

A sweat filled night jammed in like sardines getting a blasting of Metalcore and Progressive metal From opening act Crossfaith(Japan)& Periphery(USA)One of the many bands who will be performing at Soundwave Melbourne 2013

Peter Dolving: Some Solo Album Details for You.

Thieves and Liars out soon!

Former The Haunted and Mary Beats Jane frontman Peter Dolving will release his solo album Thieves & Liars on French label Dea

“That’s the reason why we are here. Music made it.” - Dani Löble of Helloween

With their fourteenth studio album released in late January, Helloween remain one of the founding forces behind power metal almost thirty years into their career. Drummer since 2005, Dani Löble sat down with us in the abandoned business centre on board 70000tons of Metal to give an insight into their impact on the genre.

The nature of 70000tons of Metal means that you never know when you’ll run into a