Behemoth Australasian Tour 2013

With Special guests Hour of Penance!
Tour Dates: 
24/10/2013 - 29/10/2013

Is there anything left to say about Behemoth? If you are honest to yourself,not really - but let's give it a shot.

Toxic Holocaust: New Live Assaults Planned for August

Just the three this time, but better three than none, right?

Portland punk metal perpetrators Toxic Holocaust will break their stage silence with a triad of Northwestern live assaults next month.

Nunslaughter/Antiseen – Split 7’’EP (Hells Headbangers)

Metal punk madness

This less-than-9-minute 'EP' released by Hells Headbangers presents the crossover of satanic/punk madness in the best way possible, merging different schools to form one and to bri