Behemoth Announce Australian Double Header with Watain!

A unique gathering and combination of the works of the respected masters of the dark crafts, which affiliated together, has never before been presented to, or observed by, Australian audiences.

Behemoth: brutally violent, sinister, dark, powerful. Throughout their turbulent career the Polish blackened death metallers have become exactly what their name suggests.

No Life Til Leather celebrates 25 years of Slaughter's Stick It To Ya!

'Up all night! Sleep all day!' If ever there was an anthem tailor made for No Life Til Leather – Sydney’s best 80s glam, rock and metal club night – it was surely Up All Night by Slaughter.

And given that this year marks the 25th anniversary of their debut album, Stick It To Ya, what better way to pay tribute to the hair metal titans than by playing them louder than hell at t

Angmaer - Towards Darkness' Paradise (UKEM Records)

A powerful (and wholly appropriate) use of apostrophes...
Release Date: 
9 May 2015 - 11:30pm

One man, black metal solo project Angmaer (that's Oscar Taylor to you) does a pretty good job of sounding like he's from the chilly North of Europe instead of the