Duff McKagan: Bringing The Legacy

I Knew At That Point, It Was Rock & Roll Forever...

With a career spanning over twenty years with some of the bi

Vigilante join Resist Records

Injecting The Australian Hardcore Punk Scene With A Much Needed Boost...

Compromised of some notorious individuals from Sydney and beyond, Vigilante have injected the Australian hardcore punk scene with a much needed boost o

Terveyskeskus – Omat Koirat Puree (Svart Records)

The pure Finn punk/hardcore sound is back from the vaults. Die-hards, prepare your wallets.
Release Date: 
24 Jan 2013 - 11:30pm

If I had some doubt, I don’t have it anymore: Svart s definitely a patriotic label, helping bands of all styles all across Finland, and now it’s the time to resurrect t