Toxic Holocaust: New Album Completed

A deadly fixation on the evil in man...

Portland’s favorite punk metal combatants, Toxic Holocaust, recently completed the recording of their long-anticipated forthcoming new full-length.

The Goblin is mobile, watch out Devilstone Fest!

Do you lot want to hear about this Goblin, or not? Ben Ward talks Orange Goblin's touring, Devilstone Festival and beginnings.

With just days until stoner rock outfit Orange Goblin pop their Lithuanian cherries at Devilstone Festival, vocalist Ben Ward&nbsp

BornBroken - The Healing Powers of Hate (Own Label)

No frills ruck-friendly riffing for the modern metal fiend
Release Date: 
3 Jun 2013 - 11:30pm

Nice one. Award-winning (in their hometown at least) ‘heavy death thrashers’  BornBroken have unleashed quite a storm with The Healing Powers of Hate.