Obscene Extreme

Obscene Extreme Returns to Australia

March 7-9 in Melbourne. Get involved!

Following the success of the festival debut in Australia in 2013, Obscene Extreme is back again, bigger, better and filthier than before.

Obscene Extreme Festival: Freak Friendly

Who Doesn't Love A Stage Diving Banana?

Obscene Extreme Festival, the festival so rabid, so liberating, so filthy; of course we were in our rights to weep at the prospect that this festival would never come to Australia.

Captain Cleanoff: Keeping it Unclean

Captain Cleanoff is making a triumphant return to grind Sydney at the end of June. Guitarist Rohan corresponds with Metal As Fuck to bring the scene up to speed on what the band is up to these days, with a brief yet poignant appearance from bassist Jason P.C.