Jon Lord

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With two successful EP's, a redefining cover of Deep Purple's Black Night and some big tours coming up. Monument's own axe-man Lew Stephens caught up for a quick chat.

Since the passing of Deep Purple keyboardist and co-founder Jon Lord, almost a year ago, much of the metal world has been in mourning, as one of the

R.I.P Jonathan Douglas "Jon" Lord (9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012)

If you had to find someone, if it were even possible, to be a virtuoso whilst being entirely selfless, or to be an incredible soloist, yet remain one of the best ensemble players of all time, not to mention an accomplished composer, your list would be short. If Jon Lord wasn’t somewhere right up at the top of that list, you’ve never heard him, or you don’t know him... we could have ourselves a problem.

The first time I heard Deep Purple was on this record my father had, Made In Japan (he had Machine Head too but it was scratched to all buggery) so as most gui