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Mötley Crüe announce Australian dates for the Final Tour

Australia's last chance to see the band live and the godfather of shock rock, Alice Cooper, is making the trip as well!
Tour Dates: 
12/05/2015 - 23/05/2015

Legendary rock icons Mötley Crüe have, at last, confirmed dates for the highly anticipated Australian leg of their Final Tour, bringing along shock-rocke

Maverick - Quid Pro Quo (Massacre Records)

Updating the sounds of the eighties in fine style...

Despite releasing an album clothed in a knock-off eighties thrash cover and finding a home with German home of the extreme, Massacre Records, Northern Irish rockers Maveric

Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate - Crucified (Own Label)

Strange bag o'spanners... but a good 'un!
Release Date: 
20 Dec 2013 (All day)

One of the Sunset Strip’s premier throats for hire – at various times in the last 25 years he’s vocalised fo’ the likes of LA Guns, Ratt, Adler’s Appetite<

De La Cruz - Street Level (Frontiers Records)

Drumstick twirlin' lipstick kissin' hard rockin' fun from Down Under...
Release Date: 
22 Mar 2013 (All day)

Aussie hair metallers De La Cruz have made a SPIRITED stab at bringin’ on the eighties heartache with their album Street Level, and whilst there’s some great balls out fun

Airless - Changes (Lion Music)

Y viva Espana!
Release Date: 
14 Feb 2013 (All day)

Spanish AOR, eh? Well, why not? Melodic hard rock seems to be on the rise EVERYWHERE at the moment so the Iberian Peninsula’s as good a place any, n’est pas?

Steel Panther: Australian Tour Dates Announced!

'Bringing the halcyon days of metal back... and rocking your genitals off in the process.

For Steel Panther, bringing the halcyon days of metal back to the world is not a job…it’s a mission statement, a modus operandi, and a way of life.

"I want foot on the gas, fist pumping music!" Danny Rexon from Crazy Lixx Describes Life on Riot Avenue...

Metal as Fuck chews the fat and has a little quiz with the affable Swedish rocker...

When the international phone line crackles into life Crazy Lixx frontman Danny Rexon is a bit miserable.

Crazy Lixx - Riot Avenue (Frontiers)

Malmo hair metal gods return with their best album yet...
Release Date: 
19 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

Jesus Christ almighty. I’m sweating. I’m clammy. I’m shivering. All at the same time.

Sebastian Bach - Kicking & Screaming (Frontiers/Riot)

Better than we could have hoped for...
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

Where to begin with our man Bach?