Grand Funk Railroad

RIVAL SONS – Pressure And Time (Earache / Riot!)

They're an American band. They come into your town, they help you party down... they're an American band.
Release Date: 
19 Jun 2011 - 11:30pm

Back in 1992, a friend and I were over the top, diehard fans of the band Redd Kross. Like, really huge fans.

Have you seen the collectors pack for the new Morbid Angel album?

Dave Vincent talks tours, cars and Grand Funk Railroad

I’ve always had a soft spot for Morbid Angel and I jumped at the chance to speak with vocalist and bassist Dave Vincent

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Swedish retro rockers try again to convince us that the past is where its at - with no little success.
Release Date: 
24 Mar 2011 - 11:30pm

“Are you listening to the good Graveyard from Spain, or the useless one from Sweden?”