20 Years of Wacken: Part Three - Beyond the Music (2000-2004)

While this is supposed to be about the festival in the first half of the second decade, we both felt that it would get old just writing about the bands who played. Take a look inside and discover all of the extra-curricular activities on offer at this mega festival.

20 Years of Wacken Open Air: Part Two - the End of the First Decade (1995-1999)

The rise of Wacken Open Air metal festival from almost nothing in 1990 to a reasonable festival five years later, heralded the beginnings of something really big. That 'really big thing' played out over the next five years of the festival, during which time it became known as the biggest outdoor metal festival in the world.

20 Years of Wacken Open Air: Part One - the First Five Years (1990-1994)

2009 sees the Wacken Open Air metal festival celebrate its 20th year. This article is the first in a series of four features that trace W:O:A's history and significance as the Mecca of metal festivals.