Canberra to get new Metal Destination!

Sunday afternoon boredom getting you down? Fret no longer!

Metal as Fuck is delighted to announce it’s involvement in a series of ‘Sunday Metal Matinees’ to be held at Canberra’s award-winning live venue the Trans

The Last Metal Show at the Arthouse - 26 April, 2011 (Melbourne, AU)

The iconic house of metal and punk in Melbourne, the Arthouse closed its doors at the end of April. We headed along to the historic last ever metal show featuring Embodied, Alarum, Earth and many more.

The closure of the Arthouse in Melbourne to metalheads is like the closure of CGBG’s in New York to punk fans. There was nothing that wasn’t quirky about it.

Full Leaded Metal in Melbourne Town

The inaugural "Full Leaded Metal" show is hitting Melbourne with a diverse lineup of local talent, headlined by the mighty Desecrator.

A mini-festival of sorts, the Full Leaded Metal show is showcasing some of Melbourne's top rated metal bands at the The Prague Hotel in Thornbury, north of the CBD on Friday the 6th of May.


Hello all!

We are currently a three peice Extreme Metal band from Bendigo Victoria and are looking for gigs accross the state!