Stagnant Waters - Self Titled (Adversum)

It hurts so good...
Release Date: 
29 Oct 2012 - 12:30am

Oh My Fucking Word. Do you like it extreme? Really, really extreme? Have you ever wondered what absolute insanity sounds like?

Aluk Todolo - Occult Rock (Ajna Offensive/Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

Embrace the rhythms of the cells between the spaces...
Release Date: 
20 Sep 2012 - 11:30pm

Aluk Todolo's album Occult Rock is a diffcult album to review; it's experimental, it's heavy (there's bags of overdrive and feedback) but I'm not sure if calling it 'metal

Die On Planes - The Deep Future (Own Label)

Don't ask me; I'm not qualified to comment. Or am I?

What can I say about Die On Planes and their release The Deep Future? I don't claim to understand it but that doesn't stop me from embracing it.

'Ambush Your Prey' Tour 2011

Some of Oz's best metal outfits are hitting up NSW and ACT for a string of shows in June.

The Ambush Your Prey Tour 2011 see's capital city math metal entrepreneurs Inside The Exterior te