Battlecross: Staying True To Their Roots

Metal Doc Brown sits down with drummer Mike Kreger to discuss Battlecross' new album, tour, and staying true to their roots.

Battlecross (Detroit,Michigan), recently signed to Metal Blade Records, has found their niche in metal.

Spiralling Through The Void - Scar Symmetry on Machines, Moons and Metal

Science, technology and heavy metal are welded together for Scar Symmetry, exploring the universe with their guitars in their new album, Dark Matter Dimensions. Talking to drummer and lyricist Henrik Ohlsson, we get a glimpse into the vast inner workings of this cosmic progressive death metal outfit.

Calling Sweden from Australia feels a bit weird when your subject is dressed to the nines in blankets and jumpers and you’re sweating from places on your body you never thought existed.