Canadian Black Metal

Sombres Forêts - La Mort du Soleil (Sepulchral Productions)

Annatar is the new voice of DSBM.

Sombres Forêts is a one man band from Quebec who gathered a strong cult following due to his excellent approach of the style called by most Depressive black metal.

Paroxsihzem - Paroxsihzem (Dark Descent Records)

Maybe we’re all a little mad in here? Blackened atmospheric death metal from Toronto.
Release Date: 
30 Oct 2012 (All day)

It begins with the strains of echoing detuned distortion, where so many other songs end.

Weapon – Embers and Revelation (Relapse Records)

Not so simple, not so fancy.

The Canadians are back in the black death metal game again, and this time to score.