SuddenFlames - Under the Sign of the Alliance (Maple Metal Records)

Rousing power metal...
Release Date: 
5 Jun 2014 - 11:30pm

If you dig a bit of power metal then you'll probably quite enjoy Canada's SuddenFlames.

Kataklysm - Heaven's Venom (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Heaven's Venom doesn't get its tainted mana from above; instead it spews bile from below. Admittedly, there's not much of it this time around but you kind of get the picture.

I remember I used to write for another (now defunct in spirit) webzine back in the day and Kataklysm’s 2006 effort, In the Arms of Devastation appeared in all the ot

Adversarial to release album on Dark Descent Records

Canadian death metal trio Adversarial will release their upcoming album, All Idols Fall Before the Hammer, on Dark Descent Records.