Brendan Biryla

SuidAkra - (2009) Crogacht

“what you are about to see is the greatest warrior duel in history. It is also one of the greatest tragedies of all time." -Lugh, Celtic High King of the Distant Past

SuidAkra - Crogacht  [Celtic Metal, Germany, Released March 3rd 2009 in the US]

L.A. Column : Active Metalheads vs. Passive Metalheads

Metal as Fuck is proud to present to you our first column from Los Angeles. This quote sums it up nicely: "Just because you go to an Arch Enemy or Lamb of God show once every six months doesn’t make you part of the metal scene." - Jed Kurtzman, Statius.

I guess a good way to initiate this monthly column would be a little introduction, right? …wrong!