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Ratos de Porão – We are important to Brazilian metal INDEED!

From underground misfits to national heroes

When MaF generalissimo Scott Adams gave me a green light to interview João Gordo (Fat John in Portuguese) it was like a dream coming true.

Executer Fest II – Ratos de Porão, Anthares, Executer, Ação Direta, Slasher. (One Eventos - Amparo - Brazil 15/06/13)

Brazilian metal doesn’t always get esteem from Brazilians, but when it does, it’s for real.

Okay let’s put one thing straight: here in Brazil, underground shows usually mean subpar equipment, bands that are not so good and a meager turnout from the public in most occasions. 

Grave Desecrator – Deathspells Rising (

Cult Brazilian band gains a new layout and digipak format
Release Date: 
31 Jul 2012 - 12:30pm

Hailing from “Hell” de Janeiro, Grave Desecrator is the band that currently waves the flag of raw Brazilian metal (which is now so in vogue throughout the world).

Brazilian metalheads band together for Haiti

Some of southern Brazil's prominent metal musicians have teamed up to raise money for communities affected by the earthquake and cholera outbreak in Haiti.

Metal For Haiti is a project created by Brazilian metalheads in an effort to raise funds

Headhunter D.C. - God's Spreading Cancer (Ibex Moon)

It's really hard to properly enjoy this sort of death metal. It's not nearly melodic or riff-centric enough to be memorable or have any sort of staying power. But, at the same time, it's nowhere near brutal or crazy enough to really get your blood flowing or give the impression that the band completely goes off live.

It's the sort of stuff which tends to get peddled as "classic old-school death metal", forgetting the very things that made the best bands of that first wave out of Tampa, Florida so great: boundar