Aussie metal

House of Thumbs - Home EP (Own Label)

Just. Fekkin. Me(n)tal.
Release Date: 
23 May 2013 - 11:30pm

It's straight into it with House of Thumbs' latest EP Home; the opening track Stigma slaps you about with a barrage of guitars and drums.

Sabretung – Conquest (Self Released)

Aussie thrash metallers dish out a tung lashing.

With the exception of Metallica getting it in all holes for their collaboration with Lou Reed, thrash metal is in a healthy state.

Recoil V.O.R Aus Tour 2011

With a new album in the works, a new management deal and an upcoming US tour, Sydney rockers Recoil v.o.r are gearing up for a national tour before they go abroad
Tour Dates: 
06/08/2011 - 30/09/2011


The Amenta Australian Tour 2011

Expect aggression. Expect violence. Expect volume. Expect hate.
Tour Dates: 
26/03/2011 - 12/06/2011

To support the immense audio/visual/live/studio release V01D (more details to come very soon) The Amenta are

Toehider to release "the most metal song in the world" in time for Halloween

As a deviation from Toehider's "12 EPs in 12 months" metal project, the band are set to release their self described "most metal song in the world" entitled "...But Mostly Metal."

Toehider, a project created by multi-instrumentalist Michael Mills has embarked on a side-quest, deviating from his goal of releasing 12 EPs in 12 Months to "creat

CLOSED: Win a pack of Aussie metal

If you like your Aussie metal, then we have a very special comp for you! To be in the running for the prize pack donated primarily by Prime Cuts Music, with a few others from Riot! Entertainment, all you have to do is answer one question correctly.
Closing Date: 
1 Aug 2009 (All day)

THE QUESTION IS: Which Australian grinders may have influenced the title of this site?


Cuntscrape/Death Fucking Cunt split CD - Splitroast (Prime Cuts)