Amestigon- Thier (WTC Productions)

Weighty and atmospheric

Sometimes, the setting in which you consume music can have a drastic impact on how you perceive it.

SaaR - The Last Day (Own Label)

Experimental (but not nearly enough)
Release Date: 
9 Jun 2013 - 11:30pm

French experimentalists SaaR haven't gone in for long-winded song titles, instead they've opted for Part I to Part IV on their latest release The Last Day

Arktau Eos – Unworeldes + Ioh-Maera (Svart Records)

The religion without name for those who seek epiphany in the form of Ambient music.
Release Date: 
15 Nov 2012 - 12:30pm

Arktau Eos is a Finnish atmospheric/ritualistic entity formed by three spirits: AIH, AIL and Iwowi which have been releasing albums since 2006 and

Throne of Kartarsis - Helvete: Det Iskalde Morket - (Candlelight/Modern Invasion)

This is one of those albums where every song is like a solar flare from a black sun... therapy!
Release Date: 
15 Jun 2009 (All day)

It's albums like this that remind me why I listen to black metal: that true atmospheric, old-school Norwegian black metal.