2016 album release

Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake (Nuclear Blast)

Release Date: 
28 Oct 2016 - 12:30am

While the world goes mad about Metallica's latest offering, Testament chugg (quite literally and heavily) along, offering us an album which I think is quite possib

Superheist - Ghosts of the Social Dead (Dinner For Wolves)

Nu metal, poo metal...
Release Date: 
28 Oct 2016 - 12:30am

Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of nu metal.

Vader - The Empire (Nuclear Blast Records)

No ballads here...
Release Date: 
4 Nov 2016 - 12:30am

I do like Vader, and their recent taster/teaser EP Iron Times was a delicious aperitif to main meal that is The Empire. Angels of Steel (how meta

Hashshashin - nihsahshsaH (Art As Catharsis Records)

Dreamy Middle Eastern Spiced Prog...
Release Date: 
11 Oct 2016 - 12:30am

Art As Catharsis Records deliver once again with the debut album from Hashshashin (yes, try saying that after consuming vast quantities of resin), treating the lis

Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason (Nuclear Blast Records)

No-one else is the 'Shug...
Release Date: 
7 Oct 2016 - 12:30am

Meshuggah's eighth album The Violent Sleep of Reason is released next week; you might like it.

Devin Townsend Project - Transcendence (Inside Out Music)

Oh Devin...you almost lost me there...
Release Date: 
8 Sep 2016 - 11:30pm

Devin is quite comfortable with himself, the rest of the band, his collaborating musicians, and possibly everything in general.

Soilwork's Bjorn 'Speed' Strid: The Need For Mystery

You've eaten your porridge, now wash your bowl...

How is Soilwork’s vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid travelling? He’s “doin’ awesome” – and was, at the time of this interview, in Sweden.

Raging Speedhorn - Lost Ritual (Independent)

Heavy metal. Just like your fucking brain...
Release Date: 
14 Jul 2016 - 11:30pm

Due to a download issue, I was missing the first two tracks from Raging Speedhorn's Lost Ritual - so Motorhead (an original tune NOT a cover) became the open

A Few Choice Words With Whitechapel's Zach Householder

More groove. Less blasting. The Whitechapel fellows grow up...

No, he doesn’t sound like Bo or Luke Duke but there’s definitely a slight ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ twang to Zach Householder’s accent.