2012 releases

Die Hard - Conjour the Legions (Agonia)

Bullet-belted Swedes return for another bout of aural battery...
Release Date: 
24 Sep 2012 - 11:30pm


Posthum – Lights Out (Indie Recordings)

Black Metal Crossover.

One of these days when researching about Progressive Rock from the 1970’s I came across a term “crossover progressive”.

Tinner: Finnish Crust Punks Join Forces With Pulverised Records

Getting kicked out of your digs? Here's what you'll be listening to when it happens...


Finnish d-beat derelicts, Tinner, are pleased to announce their official union with extreme metal powerhouse, Pulverised Records.

Germ - Loss (Eisenwald Tonschmiede)

This is Germ warfare

Sometimes there are bands so underground that they seem to fly under the radar, no matter how hard one tries to keep up with the scene. Germ is a case in point.

Lynchmada Release A Crushing New Single: Immerser

To The Earth & Beyond...

Queensland crushers Lynchmada return to launch an assualt on your senses with a brand new song Immerser.