2012 releases

Blitzkrieg Baby - Porcus Norvegicus (Neuropa)

Excellent Martial supergroup… from Norway, of course.

When I say 'Norway is the only way' people still doubt me: Kim Sølve (aka Kim 100), the owner of the Norwegian label Adversum, joined force

Destruction - Spiritual Genocide (Nuclear Blast)

Is age starting to creep up on the Teutonic thrash titans?
Release Date: 
22 Nov 2012 - 11:30pm


Incantation - Vanquish In Vengeance (Listenable Records).

Release Date: 
27 Nov 2012 (All day)

Incantation are one of those bands that have always been around, an

Dirt - Rock’N’Roll Accident (Massacre Records)

Call it Southern Groove Rock or Sludge/Doom Metal; Whatever, Rock 'N Roll Accident is both impressive and entertaining.
Release Date: 
23 Nov 2012 (All day)

Dirt - The band was established in 2008 in Germany by singer Sven Zaklikowski soon after leaving the metalcore band he was in with an arsenal of songs he

Obsidian Kingdom - Mantiis (Own Label)

Mantiis embarks the listener on an eerie musical trip with a wide range of styles and emotions

Obsidian Kingdom; This is an independent music project founded in Barcelona in 2005 and consisting of Rider G OmegaProzoid Zeta, JSI ,

Opium Warlords - We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky (Svart Records)

Strangeness Über Alles.
Release Date: 
30 Nov 2012 - 12:30pm

Okay so we are in front of another self titled avantgarde, psychedelic, surrealistic, experimental, minimalistic, drone, sludge, noise, progressive rock, modernistic statement of an artist -

ShEver – Rituals (Svart Records)

Euphoric doom? Yes it exists!

This is the second album from this all female doom band from Switzerland and now it’s gaining the vinyl treatment from Svart.

Kuolemanlaakso - Uljas Uusi Maailma (Svart Records)

A debut to remember.

Named after what they say is the “hottest place on Earth” – The Death Valley in a rough translation to English, Kuolemanlaakso was primarily formed in 2010 by