2011 tours

For the Fallen Dreams Australian Tour 2011

The American road dogs return next month for another round of venue destruction...
Tour Dates: 
30/08/2011 - 11/09/2011

There are bands that fade into obscurity, copying what has gone before. There are bands that push boundaries and excite audiences worldwide.

Still Thrashy After All These Years - Forbidden's Craig Locicero

The veteran Thrashers are on their way to Australia for a week of shows at the end of the month. Master guitarist Craig Locicero talks to Metal as Fuck about the relative merits of busses, vans, and touring in general.

Thrash metal.

Keep of Kalessin joins Samael Tour, Melechesh complete bill

Three extreme outfits looking to 'light up' Europe...

Keep Of Kalessin will support Samael when they embark on a five week European tour visiting 17 countries  and playing over 30 shows.