Cries Of The Captive - Imperialist (Imminence Records)

Debut release from the new generation of deathcore
Release Date: 
9 Sep 2014 - 8:30am

To this day I have no idea why deathcore as a word/genre is treated with such contempt by so many metal types.

Suicide Silence: Album Title and Release Date Confirmed

The band's first album since the tragic death of Mitch Lucker will be released this (Northern) Summer...

Suicide Silence will release You Can’t Stop Me, their first album to feature new vocalist Eddie Hermida (ex-All Shall Perish) and their f

Whitechapel: At The Very Peak

We Will Be Filming At Soundwave.... So Get Ready

“It’s about 4.30am here” What kind of person roped you into doing an interview at this time of morning?

Six Reasons to Kill - We Are Ghosts (Massacre Records)

It's nearly getting boring how many brilliant bands Massacre Records picks up on. Nearly. Not quite.

For a lot of people, metalcore has become a somewhat stagnant genre (I believe I may have covered this on a previous review).

Thy Art is Murder: Australian Tour Dates

The Golden Gods nominees hit the road for some Winter tour action, with some very special guests in tow...
Tour Dates: 
06/06/2013 - 15/06/2013

Hot on the heels of their nomination in the Best New Band category at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in the UK, Western Sydney’s Thy Art Is Murder ar

Bring me the Horizon: Sidewaves announced

Two shows announced, tickets will fly!


Bring Me the Horizon, some say, are redefining modern metal as we know it.

Radiation Sickness – Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (Abyss Records)

Deathcore originals return...for the first time.

Formed back in 1987 by lead vocalist Doug Palmer, Radiation Sickness released a number of demos, EPs and split vinyl with uncompromising deathcore spirit during a

Dr. Acula - Nation (Victory)

Look past the bloody ridiculous, unfunny name and there's some pretty meaty metal on offer.
Release Date: 
18 Jun 2012 - 11:30pm

Let's get this out of the way early on; if you are a fa