AC/DC - Rock or Bust (Columbia)

A big surprise, and no mistake...
Release Date: 
27 Nov 2014 - 11:30pm

Released amidst the twin adversities of founding member Malcolm Young’s dementia diagnosis and drummer Phil Rudd’s extraordinary run in with the law and subsequent

Primevil signs with Scarlet Records

Whilst Cronos sits at home sulking about the Royal Wedding invite that never materialised, Mantas is back doing what he does best!

Primevil, the new band formed by former Venom members Jeff "Mantas" Dunn (guitar), Tony "The Demolition Man" Dolan (bass, vocals)

UDO - Rev-Raptor (AFM Records)

The German metal God has come up with an un-acceptably generic metal record for his thirteenth solo full-lengther...
Release Date: 
20 May 2011 (All day)

German vocalist Udo Dirkschneider. What is there to say about a man whose voice has been lending itself to classic heavy metal since before many of us were born?

Bullet – Highway Pirates

It’s back to the basics for Swedish metal heads Bullet with another lashing of AC/DC, Accept and Krokus inspired old school heavy rock.
Release Date: 
4 Feb 2011 (All day)

Seriously, I could just put the review I did for Bullet’s last Album Bite The Bullet here and it would still be relevant.

Kraterface – Rock’n’Roll Or Die (Transphonic Records)

He ain’t fucking dead!! Bon Lives!! And he’s back with an album that reeks of whiskey, cigarettes and hard times. And after that initial laughter dies in your throat you’ll be banging your fists on the bar, demanding another drink and toasting these bastards for bringing him back.

Of course, we know he is dead but if Bon Scott was going to be resurrected it makes sense that he wouldn’t come back as some skinny European kid wearing spiked bracelets, or

Bullet – Bite The Bullet (Soundpollution/Riot)

These Swedish metalheads, who have obviously been brought up on a steady diet of AC/DC, Accept and Judas Priest, release an album that reeks of old school rock and more than a few stolen riffs.

From the opening track Pay The Price with its For Those About To Rock riffs and screeching Balls To The Wall feel you’ll think you’ve stumbled onto an unrelea