Is anyone else as keen as i am to see Blind Guardian live!!!!!!!!!'

I've watched ther eonly DVD "imaginations throught he looking glass" like 20 times. They just dominated so hard live!

I've been keeping upto date with there progress this whole year, unfortunatley they don't update there website very often.... They are finally planning on releasing a new album around March next year and are currently recording the tracks. I can't wait for them to tour to Aus, I would travel anywhere in Australia to see them and plan on seeing them a more than once.


Also looking forward to Iron Maidens new album. Which they are currently working on! hopefully it'll comer with another world tour. From the interviews i've heard they are no doubt gonna be rigging up their boeing 757 again to tour. I was chatting to there offical photographer in sydney last year and he said they plan on coming to Adelaide in the future... I'm not so sure about that but anywhere in Australia or NZ is fine by me :P