Metal Websites

So what metal websites do you guys like to use and browse; how do you keep up with whats going on in the metal world, and find out and listen to new bands. Me personally I use a couple of websites/forums including:

ThrashUnlimited - both the radio and the forum great place to talk metal, and to listen to all types of thrash old, new, popular and obscure as hell

Thrashmageddon - Great website, cool community - imho best metal website the internet, found out and discovered so many bands because of this website and rejuvinated my love of metal, especially thrash.

Metal Archives - Obvious Duh! Great website, don't use the forums much but the best database of metal bands on the web bar none

Last Fm - Not really a metal website but really great website, extremely useful to keep track of what you're listening to, talk to metalheads from around the world, and getting recommendations on bands to check out, and to find out about various shows going on in the area.

Finally for anyone that uses my last fm, mine is:, feel free to hit me up their, and don't be afraid to add me as a friend.