Krisiun, Arsis, Eyam, The Zoo, Winnipeg, Canada 08/05/13

Locked and loaded presence and hard exterior, unleash forth a beast in both men and woman.

When Metsl as Fuck walks through the doors of the legendary Osborne Village Inn's“The Zoo” venue. ID in hand and heels planted firm on the floor, we proceed to enter into a realm where metal is a way of life and “normal” is the freak in the room.  The floor is marked with battle wounds and the air is laced with anticipation and sweat. Metal merch lines the walls while bands are engaged in small talk by eager fans, utilizing the moments they have to embrace the musicians they have come to absorb. Eyam slaughters the stage, we push our way through the crowd of synchronized head banging and thrusting fists, to scope a spot and settle in close to the stage. I was only present for a song or two but Eyam was an unexpected surprise. The vibrations bring you to your feet, doom filled melodies, guttural roars and killer riffs, and set the bar for the evening, while the level of musicianship and unison this act has is impressive.

While the crowd disperses to rehydrate and head for a dart, MaF takes this opportunity to take photos and engage in a little one on one with the bands, find out how the tours going, where they are from and where there off to next!!  We venture from both to both, drinks in hand, admiring the art work these metal monsters have brought for our consumption, as I am doing so the Feedback and random riffs alerts the troops the band is up. The crowd swarms, lining the open floor with patched denim, leather and flying fists, ready to soak in the heavy riffs, neck breaking beats and beastly vocal seduction of Arsis. Virginia raised James Malone on vocals focuses his attention on the task at hand, time to press your faces against the speakers and blow your brains out.  He extends his arm out to the metal gods signaling to all, let the thrashing begin. Handbook for the Recently Deceased amps up the stage while minions chant and bodies thrashing like rag dolls slam the stage.  Playing a variety of works from Unwelcome bringing the crowd into a death metal delight, Arsis has captured their audience and is showing no mercy.

Another quick change over ensues and in a few moments the stage is light and ready for the headliners Krisiun, this Rio trio consisting of Alex Camargo (vocals, bass) Moyses Kolesne (Guitar) Max Kolesne (drums) are what I would call metal mammoths. They make their way to the stage, their faces masked by head banger locks and an army of darkness aura.  Thunderous wails gush out from their followers who toughed it through wind and rain to endure the wrath of ‘The Great Execution’. Within a single note the crowed is thrown into a full on metal assault, booming bass, speed beats, squealing lunacy, demonic roars rip through the venue. The sea of moshing and smashing creatures almost grabs my attention, but like a magnet, I am drawn to the masters of metal on stage. They hold you tight with their eyes, you don’t dare look away, as their locked and loaded presence and hard exterior unleash forth the beast in men and woman. The heat off the beams and the fans fire is engulfing. Pieces like Ominous, Descending Abomination, The Will To Potency, Vicious Wrath, Blood Craft, and Blood of Lions are spewed forth from Alex Camargo one by one, thrust down into the minds and throats of willing victims, each song more vicious, each riff more intense. The last number of the evening was staggering, the vibration and the intensity sent shockwaves down my spine, and my heart began to murmur as the disbelief dripped off the tip of my tongue. You could feel you were in the presence of power, strength and domination. Killer show “The Zoo" never fails to bring you all the metal you can handle! If this tour is headed to your city or town go and check it out!