Executer Fest II – Ratos de Porão, Anthares, Executer, Ação Direta, Slasher. (One Eventos - Amparo - Brazil 15/06/13)

Brazilian metal doesn’t always get esteem from Brazilians, but when it does, it’s for real.

Okay let’s put one thing straight: here in Brazil, underground shows usually mean subpar equipment, bands that are not so good and a meager turnout from the public in most occasions. 

But Executer Fest, an initiative by the classic thrash band from Brazil Executer has broken this taboo and for the second time, they packed a huge and sophisticated place in the countryside near a city called Amparo with loyal headbangers, rockers and punks, from places as far as England (believe me).

This is the second edition of the festival, and the climate of a great party and celebration of our worn down metal gave the impression that things are getting great again. 

Slasher was the opener, and with a new formation and a sound that mixes death and thrash metal (in a modern way) they have a small but a loyal fanbase; they were the least 'classic' band of the festival, but they never let their audience down and they are adding more and more fans to their entourage.

Ação Direta, an already classic band in the Brazilian style of mega hardcore with a heavy metal accent, put on a great gig full of energy with the vocalist Gepeto jumping like a crazy. They are one of the most wired bands to see live and they do have a great prestige here in Brazil.

Executer, the hosts of the festival, are getting better and better. I mean, since their return in 2001 (after some years of hiatus) they weren’t that energetic last time I saw them; then they were destructive, this time around they were NUCLEAR. They are deemed as the Brazilian Kreator (a nickname that comes from their first days in 1987/88 and that continues to this days). But their extreme technical sound (which was not that technical back in the day) left everybody in awe. I mean they are naturally praised, but nobody knows what happened to them, because if there was a hell, they brought it to the place playing classics mainly from their first and high influential album Rotten Authorities, like Money which is a staple at every gig of theirs.

Now the comeback of Anthares from the ashes. They managed to record one album called No Limited a Força in the 1980’s and nothing else, although they persisted recording a couple of demos. But for some reason they NEVER got a contract again and their album remained a classic frozen in time for the future generations; therefore there was great apprehension about seeing them live. And what a hell of a show, their drummer is highly technical, they merge heavy and thrash metal and it was a heavy metal class for the kiddos who were in the place. The high point was when they played Chacina, one of my faves, and I almost cried. I know it’s gay, but headbangers of old know the feeling.

Then the main attraction of the night: the Brazilian masters of punk/crossover/grindcore Ratos de Porão. They are one of the favourite bands of the kids (and old people like me) mainly because their mega charismatic, popular (even in the greater media) and controversial vocalist João Gordo (Fat John). By this time, the kids were getting violent, and they do provoke this reaction on the public. Believe me when I say they are the best live band in the country after Sepultura. They played classics from most of their albums like Contando os Mortos, Morte ao Rei, Morrer, Que vergonha (Olho Seco cover), Beber até Morrer (their most popular song meaning Drinking until you’re dead). Fuck man, what a gig, but those who know them know they are always great, always…. If you see they going to Australia run for your tickets, and don’t lose them.

Executer Fest II left the public with smile on their faces. The organizers, the metal warriors of Executer, Juca, Paulo, Beba and Elias deserve kudos for resurrecting Brazilian metal again with respect, competence, and deference for the people of their own country in a no man’s land when people are in for organization and just want the profits without give anything back. Not the case here. One thousand points to them! 

(Photo taken by Daniel Death)