Brazilian Ritual 2nd Attack: Archgoat, Black Witchery, Impurity, Grave Desecrator. (Hangar 110, São Paulo, Brazil 22/06/13)

The Ritual of Darkness: The day that São Paulo was cursed by Satan Himself.

In a cold night in the capital of the state, we’ve got up in our armours (mainly tees of the most blasphemous bands of the universe) and the selected audience of extreme and radical headbangers has swarmed a popular club near the downtown area called Hangar 110.

The show started on time (mainly due the fear of the current wave of protesters in Brazil, and the place wasn’t far from a big demonstration scheduled for that night).

Anyway, it was more like a friend’s meeting than a gig itself and the opening band Grave Desecrator from Rio De Janeiro presented the headbangers with a pure death/black/thrash onslaught. 

The second band, from the state of Minas Gerais, (the birthplace of Sepultura and Sarcófago) called Impurity whose cult was concealed for all those years and now, strangely, they’re being saluted as the hot issue elselwhere, made a pure profanation on stage, playing classics from their old and new albums, but the pinnacle was Sekhmet from their first album The Lamb’s Fury. If you’re still unfamiliar with them, suffice to say they are the Brazilian Beherit. It was a great performance and even behind their mega satanic garments and corpse paints, they were visibly happy to be playing in an important gig in the biggest city of the country. 

Then the satanic elite of American black metal came to the stage - Black Witchery. Their sound, utterly destructive, demonstrated why they are so praised worldwide by the most brutal metalheads. The crazy face of Impurath and his hooded appearance and wide and ominous eyes wasn’t subjugated by the steam roller that was the drumming and they played classics from almost all their works, but of course, the great moment was when they played Ritual by Blasphemy and the roof almost collapsed when they played Deathrash by Sarcófago. It was a brutal musical massacre never before seen in these tropical lands.

To close the ritual, Archgoat, the maniacs from Finland came to the stage and on put a hell of a show, mainly playing songs from their last EP Heavenly Vulva (Christ's Last Rites) like one of my faves Blessed Vulva. Unfortunately they couldn’t beat Black Witchery in energy, but it was a great show anyway. It’s not always that we Brazilians can bear witness such a high volume of massacre!

As aforementioned, the demonstrations in São Paulo made all the performances faster than initially intended and by midnight everything was over and rest of the public was practically expelled from the place by the nervous venue owner, and because of that I couldn’t interview Black Witchery as intended. But Metal as Fuck would like to thank the organizers who treated the press with respect, and here I’m waiting for the third attack of Brazilian Ritual!

photo taken by Daniel Death