Sabaton, The Gramercy Theatre (New York City, New York), 20 September 2011

Forty-five Minutes is NOT enough for a Sabaton gig!!

When Europe's The Final Countdown is the song played before a band hits the stage, you know you are in for something. I'd not heard of Sabaton before this show. Not seen one photo or heard one song. I went to this show with an open mind... Trusty Canon in hand I headed to the pit to get my face blown off and cause the evil DJ in my brain to have seizures! SABATON fekking rocks!!! I shot for the first three songs: Ghost Division, Uprising, and Panzer Battalion. The band is animated and know how to work a stage! Joakim Broden has a set of pipes on him! He reminds me of a metal Freddy Mercury. He uses the stage like a weapon and the crowd are willing targets. With a strong bold voice, he commands the crowd to jump and they happily obey! In between songs the ravenous crowd chants Sabaton! Sabaton! Sabaton!  

The show continued with Cliffs of Gallipoli, The Price of a Mile, Screaming Eagles, and Primo Victoria. Sabaton has a very distinctive Euro metal sound. It's the keyboards manned by Daniel Myhr which are woven through every song. They give the songs an operatic ambiance. Sabaton lyrics are grandiose, full of themes of war and battle. The twin guitars of Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sunden draw you in. They create a blistering wall of sound. And then, just like that, it was over. WTF!!?? The 45-minute set was all too short. I didn't want the band to leave! The crowd heartily agreed with me. Sabaton has promised a headline spot on their return to New York City and I will definitely be there for it.