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Disturbed - Asylum (Warner Music)

What! Disturbed aren't Metal as Fuck! But if it's on Metal as Fuck, isn't it Metal as Fuck by definition? Oh, this Aristotelian way of thinking is so confusing!

Okay – if you’re reading this you’re probably here to scoff and piss all over my metal credentials for writing this review.

Black Label Society - Order Of The Black (Riot/Warner)

Strength. Determination. Merciless. Forever. Never have those words been any truer, Zakk Wylde has delivered the new Black Label Society release in Order Of The Black - a motivated and driven album that can kick your ass and also can mellow you out.
Release Date: 
9 Aug 2010 (All day)

There is an old saying: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

Hellyeah - Stampede (Riot/Warner)

Groove metal supergroup Hellyeah drags their alcohaulin' asses back into gear with their latest release Stampede and delivers some hard rocking tunes in their own (cowboy) way.

When it comes to a lot of the so called "supergroups", one thing usually happens.

Spreading Wings of Infinite Reach: Troy Sanders of Mastodon

During their “Big Day Off” tour in Australia, Metal as Fuck caught up with Atlanta-based vocalist and bassist Troy Sanders, of the mighty Mastodon, for a trip into the ethereal world of Crack the Skye, and the astral planes beyond in what he described as the “best interview ever!”

photo credit: Jimmy Hubbard