Riot Entertainment!

Battlecross - Pursuit of Honour (Metal Blade/Riot)

Detroit thrashers with a new take on an old genre - or is it?
Release Date: 
1 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

Battlecross .

RIVAL SONS – Pressure And Time (Earache / Riot!)

They're an American band. They come into your town, they help you party down... they're an American band.
Release Date: 
19 Jun 2011 - 11:30pm

Back in 1992, a friend and I were over the top, diehard fans of the band Redd Kross. Like, really huge fans.

Pentagram - Last Rites (Metal Blade/Riot)

Bobby Liebling and Victor Griffin reunite to crush the doom opposition
Release Date: 
11 Apr 2011 - 11:30pm

Much like Iron Maiden’s Final Frontier, Pentagram goes with a title for its first album in seven years that could very easily be construed as h

The Ocean - Heliocentric (Metal Blade/Riot)

The Ocean are back and this time they're tackling the rather weighty subject of Heliocentric belief. Don't know what that is? Give The Ocean an hour of life... Go on, it's worth it!

What I love about The Ocean is their use of the full range of instruments available to them.

Raven - Walk Through Fire (Metal Blade/Riot)

A full decade after their last release and thirty-odd years since they first broke into the metal world, Raven are back. This time they're walking through fire.

Is it me or have their been a lot of 'come-backs' in the past year? Raven is one such band who have long been off of the radar.

Sabaton - Coat Of Arms (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

The band that loves to sing about war is back with a Coat Of Arms, and a new home with Nuclear Blast. Welcome back, Sabaton!

It's only been two years since their last album but it feels longer.

Fates Warning - Parallels [Special Edition] (Metal Blade/Riot)

Metal Blade feed us another Fates Warning reissue. This time it's Parallels for the makeover: arguably the band's best album to date.

It's 1991, and following a change in vocalists to Ray AlderFates Warning took a move towards a slightly different style of metal.