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Jim Florentine - Cringe 'n' Purge (Metal Blade)

"Cringe 'n' Purge" - The first part is correct; the second part is wishful thinking. ('n' isn't even a word.)

Metal Blade records seem to have taken it upon themselves to dispel the notion that metalheads are essentially desiccated and humorless individuals by signing metal loving stand-up comics such as <

At the top of their game? - Jon Howard on the renaissance of Threat Signal

Are Threat Signal at their peak? Shepherded by the legendary Zeuss behind the desk and wielding 7-string guitars for their new self-titled album, vocalist Jon Howard exudes confidence as he talks to us from the wintry north.

Rock music in Canada, it seems, doesn’t get the respect it deserves as some musicians such as fellow countryman Danko Jones and others lament.

The Man With the Mighty Axe – Marcus Siepen: Gamer, geek and Blind Guardian rhythm guitarist

He’s got connections in Blizzard Entertainment. He’s been playing rhythm guitar for 25 years and wouldn't have it any other way. He’s Marcus Siepen, and he’s the riffwraith for German power metal gods, Blind Guardian. Read on - and don't get too jealous, gamers.

If you’ve played, read or watched sci-fi or fantasy and dropped the word “metal” into polite conversation, it’s more than likely you’ve heard the name Blind Guardian u

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Agony (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

The Italians with a penchant for visceral virtuosity as much as vigorous Verdi produce a disc overrun with flesh ripping symphonic torment.

If you mention “Therion” and “death metal” in the same sentence, you’ll probably be flashed chanced eyebrows and views askance.

The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual (Metal Blade/Riot)

On their fifth record, the Black Dahlia Murder don't reinvent themselves. Their dabbling in not only the death metal but the entire extreme music canon frees them from the narrow strictures of genre, yielding pleasing results.
Release Date: 
20 Jun 2011 - 11:30pm

In metal, image is king.

Behemoth - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (Peaceville/Riot)

Lay down your souls to the gods rock n roll!
Release Date: 
26 May 2011 - 11:30pm

When I was in San Francisco, I was hanging out down by the waterfront minding my own business, looking at all this KISS memorabilia in this collectable store when a girl who w

Amorphis - The Beginning of Times (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Amorphis' continue their unrepentant winning streak with The Beginning of Times - a fusion of their 70s psychedelic influences, melodic pop sensibilities and doom metal roots.

I must admit I was worried when Amorphis released Eclipse in 2006; I remember clutching the record in my hands, popping the CD into the tray and feeling all my fears simpl

Don Jamieson - Live and Hilarious (Metal Blade/Riot)

Don Jamieson – host of VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” and “comedian.” Only one of those statements is true. Guess which one?

Don Jamieson is a New Jersey boy. Bon Jovi comes from New Jersey. What’s the difference between Jamieson and Jovi? Jovi could probably entertain a crowd.

Tarot - Spell of Iron MMXI (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

It's a re-release of their classic 1986 debut, one of Finnish metal's finest achievements. But is it relevant and is it worth the effort? Yes; if you don't mind superfluous keyboards and some subpar vocal performances.

It’s like a revered artifact of Finnish metal that’s been dug out of the ground, painstakingly restored by eminent sonic scientists, groomed to meticulous perfection…and

Tearing Down the World - Schmier, Destruction and thrash metal

One of the figureheads of the Teutonic Thrash movement, Schmier has nothing but an unquenchable thirst for thrash metal that has fueled him for over 30 years on the road, as he explains.

Destruction has been thrashing for a very long time. Almost 30 years in fact.