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Caligula's Horse- Bloom

Take the time to listen to this. It doesn’t get much better.
Release Date: 
16 Oct 2015 (All day)

Brisbane’s Caligula’s Horse have had opportunity knocking at their door recently, having just signed with InsideOut Music and finding themselves situated on the e

Jim Grey of Caligula's Horse: In Bloom

"The thing that I hope people take away from this album is a smile and a heightened heart rate"

Brisbane Progressive metal band Caligula’s Horse are on the eve of releasing their 3rd album Bloom.

Devin Townsend Project: Track listings revealed!

Much talked-about frontman Devin Townsend will wrap up his four-album series with two new records: Deconstruction and Ghost.

Mesmerising frontman Devin Townsend has once again been thrust into the spotlight with the track listings of his two newest records, Deconstruction and Ghost, bei