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Cryptopsy: "We have been striving for such a sound since Ungentle Exhumation."

A pure return to form....

When the editor of MaF Scott Adams invited me to interview Flo Mounier (one of the best drummers on Earth and one of the idols of death metal) I w

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy (Own Label)

No deathcore, no clean singing, no bullshit. Believe, Cryptopsy are back with their best album to date!
Release Date: 
11 Sep 2012 - 12:30pm

This album should be the best album of 2012. It isn’t, just because I already elected (reviews ago) the last Borknagar album as such.

Expulsion - Wasteworld (Deepsend/Clawhammer)

The Groningen, Netherlands melodic thrash connoisseurs Expulsion are back after a long leave of absence with their first full length offering, Wasteworld.

Expulsion are easily one of the most talented trash teams out there. With the frenzied shredder Wasteworld, they prove their worth beyond all reasonable doubt. 

Fatalist's The Depths of Inhumanity to see November release on Ibex Moon Records

Champions of the old school Swedish death metal style (Stockholm, not Gothenburg), California’s Fatalist pay tribute to the likes of Nihilist, Grave, Entombed, and Dismember on their debut full-length The Depths of Inhumanity.




Acheron join the Ibex Moon family

Blackened death metallers Acheron have signed with Ibex Moon Records for the US release of The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God.




Valdur featured in video game soundtrack

Black metal trio Valdur have four tracks featured in the recently released PSP game Undead Knights.


Dreaming Dead guitarist's Fernandes Guitars showcase

Since the release of Dreaming Dead's Ibex Moon Records debut, Within One, guitarist/vocalist Elizabeth Elliott has quickly become recognized as one of today's most impressive shredders.




Avulsed ink US deal with Ibex Moon for forthcoming album

Avulsed has without any doubt been the most veteran and consistent band in the Spanish extreme metal scene since its inception in August 1991. A band loyal to its death metal style, Avulsed has been very active in terms of releases and live performances around the world.



Witchmaster to release first album in five years, on 10 November

Hell, thy name is Witchmaster! The reigning kings of Satanic Metal Slaughter have returned with Trücizna, the band's first full-length since 2004's self-titled blackened thrashterpeice.