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Burial Hordes - Devotion to Unholy Creed (Pulverised / AmpHead)

Devotion to Unholy Creed, the second album from Hellenic anti-religious black metal band, Burial Hordes, sounds like the rageful screams of tortured souls. Brutal and fucking black, this is an album that gives the impression it could have been conceived in the depths of hell.

When I received this CD I threw it on my stereo, with the volume cranked, and only a glance at the album cover.

Tribulation - The Horror (Pulverised/AmpHead)

A classic death metal sound; ideal for headbanging to yet with more depth and complexity to offer than limiting speed-guitar and brutal drums. Songs of horror, with touches of haunting piano. 'The Horror' is an impressive debut album from Swedish band Tribulation.

Tribulation’s debut album The Horror is high-quality, old-school death metal.

Vanmakt - Ad Luciferi Regnum (Pulverised/Amphead)

It's been a couple of years since Vanmakt's previous effort Vredskapta Morkersagor, and shit, these dudes have not been standing idle. If their previous album was not intense enough for you, then bludgeon your ears with this one and reassess your opinion.

Deceiver – Thrashing Heavy Metal (Pulverised/Amphead)

You want truth in advertising? Look no further than the title of this album! In fact the only other title they could have maybe used was “old school thrashing heavy metal.”

After five years of struggle, two previous albums, and a year-long sabbatical, this is Swedish band Deceiver’s swan-song album.  But let me tell you it’s a hell of

Hatchet Dawn – Faith In Chaos (AmpHead/The Orchard Australasia)

Aussie heavy metal that taps into the old and the new and delivers. Hatchet Dawn are definitely a band to keep your eye on.

A five track EP, Faith In Chaos doesn’t over-stay its welcome, but it definitely leaves you