Morbus Chron sign to Pulverised

From the bowels of Stockholm, Sweden comes a band (dead)icated to the early '90s zombie and gore themes that helped make death metal a worldwide phenomenon. Pulverised Records is proud to welcome Morbus Chron to their expanding roster of extremity.

Netherbird wants you to contribute a solo for their next release!

Swedish black metallers Netherbird have two releases coming up and for one of them there is a little spot where you (yes, YOU) could join the ranks of Netherbird as the lead guitarist. If you play the guitar or if you know a friend who has got the skills, read on!


Conspiracy - Concordat (Pulverised/AmpHead)

One man band Alex “Carpathian Wolf” (formerly Al’ Hazred of Melechesh) unleashes his second solo album under the Conspiracy moniker, Concordat. This release is an unapologetic, back-to-basics punch in the face.
Release Date: 
6 Jun 2009 (All day)

On this album, Alex throws in some basic, distinctly thrashy elements into the guitar work and combines traditional tremolo picking with punk-styled shredding.

Dreadnaught - [D->0] (Amphead)

Mixing their roots with a modern twist, Dreadnaught deliver their newest effort in 2009's [D->0].

If you have been following Australian metal, chances are you may have heard of Dreadnaught.  Formed in 1994, the band have had a number of releases, three studio albums and th

Argument Soul - Conflict Of Crisis (AmpHead)

Combining power metal, thrash and hard rock, Japan's Argument Soul deliver their newest release in Conflict Of Crisis.

When you normally think of a power metal band, you might think of a band from Europe or in some cases, Australia or US/Canada.

As The Sun Dies - Chatting with Switchblade's drummer Mat "Picco" Piccolotto.

Upon the release of their newest release Invictus Infinitum, we sat down with Switchblade drummer Mat Piccolotto to discuss what is going down in the world of Switchblade.

Since forming in 2001, Switchblade has worked relentlessly to be one of Australia's shining lights within the metal community.